How to Order

1. Email your order details to

Here is an example email for ordering (please include all of the bolded information):


I would like to make the following order:

Name: John Yamada
Postal code: 111-1111
Address: 1-1 Haga-cho Haga ku Tokyo
Phone: 090-1234-5678
Stephen’s Salad Mix x2
Red Russian Kale x2
Coriander x2

John Yamada

I will confirm if the vegetables you want are available and will let you know how much your order will cost including shipping costs.

2. Confirm you would like to proceed with your order.

I will then email you a link to a secure third-party website (Stripe) where you can pay with your credit card (you can pay anytime within 30 days of ordering).

I will harvest your vegetables and send them to you that same day, which will usually arrive in 1–3 days.

3. Enjoy your vegetables!